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Outdoor Challenge Game

​Facing a series of brain tingling challenges, you and your team decipher your way through our themed outdoor challenge trails, testing your mental agility, physical nimbleness and ability to think outside the box. Expect suspenseful excitement, painful bewilderment and plenty of snorty laughter!


Choose your game, gather your team and ready your minds as you begin unravelling the intrigue and befuddlements of the family Oddwood.


Great Uncle Solomon, gold prospector extraordinaire has gotten himself in a bit of a pickle.  Can you help him find the gold before it’s too late?!

You receive a wax sealed letter to attend a recruitment day at the Filomena Lemon Intelligence and Espionage School.  This is your big chance at making it into the spy world.

Some know her as the Empress of Time, others, the Ageless One.  But to you and me, she’s Grandmother Oddwood. Oh, and the fate of the world’s forests rests in your hands.


NEW for 2021!

the curiosities


The Curiosities are an eclectic array of some rather intriguing items. Puzzling heirlooms passed down through the generations of Oddwoods. Each game can be hired and is delivered to your door by an esteemed member of the Oddwood family.

Choose your game, choose your time and we'll bring the fun to you!


Bad things are happening and darkness has descended over Mothreepton; little sign of it ever lifting.  With her source of power missing and the people against her, Violetta’s fate rests in your hands. Immerse yourself in the mystical ways of the elders with the help of Violetta’s Grimoire. You are her only hope.


Balthazar Oddwood amassed quite a fortune as a Royal Bard. With little need for a lavish lifestyle he locked away the secrets to its location within this very Octorium. For over 150 years it has remained unopened. Solve the mysteries and unravel the tales to discover the whereabouts of the family hidden wealth.


Balthazar Leonard Oddwood

B. 13th December, 1818

Celementine Harriet Oddwood

B. 16th May, 1812

Violetta Oddwood

B. 3rd September, 1845