About Us


Founded in 2019 by Timothy Oddwood, Oddwood & Co are designers and makers of fine puzzle games. Home to the UK's only Woodland Escape Game, you can visit us in Barnsley, South Yorkshire or book our mobile games to visit your event. All of our games are designed and built in-house. For custom design services please visit our commissions page.

At our Roots

We care about this planet. We care about the people within it. We want to support the growth between the two.


Trunk & branches

We seek to connect groups of all ages to natural spaces - through experiences that are fun, immersive and thought inspiring.



To do this we create engaging experiences that are within or relating to our natural environment, centred on creative thinking and puzzles.

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Balthazar's Octorium
Clementine Oddwood
Violetta's Grimoire
Augustus Oddwood
Slugs' Hat
Propsectors Peril

A rather rebellious royal poet, the trials and tribulations of Green Witch or a hopeful Gold Prospector who's got himself into a bit of a pickle? 

A time honored Spy on the recruitment drive or a rather cheeky Gribble who seems to know too much?

Join us as we lift the lid on the stories that lie behind these curiously odd characters.